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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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f0 naming his nominee. president trump ordering his top two choices to washington, and someone created matching twitter accounts leading up to the big reveal. >> today i'm keeping another promise for the american people by nominating judge neil gouch of the united states supreme court to be of the united states supreme court. [ applause ] >> so
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was it? >> trump chose neil gorsuch over the thomas hardman the other finalist for the nomination. >> neil gorsuch has a strong records of favoring religious freedom over other values. in two major cases he sided with the employers who did the want to provide coverage for religious grounds. he is 49 and as several degrees. he was a classmate of president obama at harvard, and he's on the 10th circuit court of appeals in denver. >> judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skills, brilliant mind, tremendous discipline and has earned bipartisan support. >> we will see if the bipartisan support holds up. tradition dictates he will be back in dc soon to make the rounds and meet with senators who he will need to vote to confirm him. >> it's for congress and not the courts
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it's the law of judges to apply. the judge who likes every outcome he reaches is likely a bad judge. >> a little flattery for congress. if confirmed judge gorsuch can weigh in on cases important to our area over the next year. here's garrett haake. >> reporter: judge neil gorsuch introduced himself to the country tonight as an admirer of the justice he is hoping to replace on the supreme court. justice scalia was a lion of the law. >> reporter: one of the fist cases he may decide is the use of a transgender student using a bathroom in virginia. >> i think it's too early to tell which way this will go, but, if he is as conservative as we are led to believe, then, maybe he will be very much like justice scalia. >>
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professor michael fonto says it would not dramatically change the direction. >> what does it do broadly with a conservative voice on the court? >> the pick just reestablishes the status quo we had prior to justice scalia's passing. that does not mean gorsuch would automatically back police on the docket for later this year. >> there's always concern about state power among the conservatives to the extent which state power should be validated by court behavior, and that to me is not going to be just one of local interest but international interest. >> reporter: gorsuch may weigh in on the high visibility of appeal from the seven surviving men convicted of the brutal 1986 murder over catherine fuller. the case captivated the district for months, and the men say prosecutors withheld evidence that someone else
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conducted the murder. someone will cast the tie- breaking votes in the tie- breaking cases in the country. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> what about broader issues that will affect the entire nation? the roe versus wade decision will likely stay intact as long as justice kennedy supports the action as well as affirmative action because of justice kennedy but cases through appeals courts could spell trouble for public labor unions and the environmental regulations from the obama administration. some democrats have serious doubts about the president's pick they are concerned over his track record for the working class and women's rights. some gathered at the supreme court to pray for his success, and don henry was there, too. >> reporter: neil gorsuch's nomination brought about many emotions for the crowd, some even thought it was
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pray. >> god, watch over him! >> reporter: this group wants the president's pick to find success if he's ultimately confirmed. >> through prayer we can see god shift, shape, and transform history. >> reporter: this reverend and others like him for many years. he hopes neil gorsuch is pro- life and will interpret the constitution the way it should be. >> it appears he's a judge who will not legislate from the bench. >> reporter: obviously not everyone in the crowd is high on gorsuch. >> i'm not happy about it, and let's put it that way. >> reporter: many here dislike him for the same reason the reverend supports him. we still wanted to ask, is it too early to protest the man who was just nominated? the common answer, no. >> people have been looking at the records, and we know a lot about his record. we have heard a little about his background today and yesterday and the name has been out there for awhile. >> reporter: and for some here, it's not just about gorsuch. some say
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court belongs to barack obama's nominee. >> i think the american people expected an up or down vote on garland. >> reporter: either way it appears there will be plenty of debate between trump supporters and opposition. >> think it's the time for mobilization. >> reporter: now once again you can see hundreds of people out here tonight at the supreme court. many say they will follow the nomination process with neil every step of the way. with the latest from the supreme court, john henry, wusa 9. >> you're talking, and we are listening. we call it our city, your voice, and hundreds of you weighed in on our facebook page tonight as you watched the president's announcement live, and tracy posted, not a bad pick, and holly looked ahead saying let's see what the gop says when the democrats try to block him, and finally jay brought a little sarcasm with his post, a white male? imagine that. c
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announcement, and it continues right now. join in on the wusa 9 facebook page. before the president even announced his voice, democrats were already showing signs of splitting on strategy. one thing is certain, the majority of democrats will oppose him. some members of the party want the move to block the nomination the way republicans did for president obama's nominee, judge garland, but others want a more moderate approach saving the strong arm tactics in the senate in case they need them later. >> speaking of judge garland, he's back to work at the dc court of appeals. he was assigned three hearings 2 days before president trump's inauguration. he set aside a lot of work after being nominated to the supreme court following president trump's victory he stepped back into his role as chief judge. the other topic blowing up social media tonight, immigration. this morning the white house and republican leaders look like ey
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page, right? back on message, working to clarify the presidential executive order on travel and immigration. >> this is not a travel ban. it's a temporary pause that will allow us to better review the existing refugee and visa vetting system. >> we need to pause and make sure that the vetting standards are up to enough to guarantee the safety and security of our country, and that is what this does. >> that effort took a bit of a turn when reporters questioned the white house press secretary sean spicer. they wanted to know about this tweet from the president where he refers to his executive order as a ban. >> i think that's the word the media is using but at the end of the day it can't be -- >> hold on -- thanks, i will let kristin talk. it can't be a ban if you're letting 1 million people in. 325,000 from another country cannot come in, it's not a ban. >> the president himself called it a ban. >> i understand that.
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are you confused? >> he has been clear it's extreme vetting. >> president trump and his surrogates are saying it's similar to one signed by president obama 2011. we look at them side-by-side. he is correct when he said it singles out the same seven countries, but there's major differences. the obama order involved prevetting 58,000 iraqi refugees already in the u.s., and tightening security procedures, and it slowed visa application but did not stop them, and they did not ban travel to the u.s. >> democrat in the senate are holding up confirmation votes on three of president trump's cabinet nominees, jeff sessions, tom price for health secretary, and the treasury secretary,
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blocked a role call vote on sessions, and they boycotted the confirmation hearing entirely for the other two. they are demanding more time to question the nominees. republicans accuse the democrats of playing politics. >> a bipartisan senate has confirmed elaine choi as the transportation secretary. tim kaine was among the democrats voting for choi. he said he looks forward to working with her on virginia's roads and bridges. the commonwealth of virginia joined a federal lawsuit challenging president trump's executive order on immigration. >> make no mistake, the commonwealth of virginia, and our people, are already being harmed by the ban. >> and the original lawsuit was filed on behalf of
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travelers, detained and held saturday at dulles, as a result of the president's executive order. the conversation continues on wake up washington. tomorrow as part of our piece our city, your voice we will hear what you think of trump's nomination. and also your risk of a heart attack is higher in the win ther and the latest on the search for a bobcat missing from the national zoo. today recess was canceled for area schools. could dc's historic neighborhoods become part of maryland? one lawmaker says yes. plus, what in the world is going on here in class? . we will talk about the wake up weather for february, and it's a really nice start to february. chilly, but it's going to be dry. no umbrella
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of clouds. yes, mid-30s to low 40s, and 45 to 49, and even a few clouds, and that's above average. we will come back and have some flakes on the 7-day. we will let you know if
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the national zoo reporting no sights of the bobcat that escaped from her enclosure yesterday morning. as a precaution, 13 public schools near the school decided to keep students inside for recess and other activities, and the zoo says if you spot ollie the bobcat, don't be an idiot and try to capture her yourself. call authorities and just leave it to the professionals. also in the district, a showdown with congress this time congressman jason shevit, the republican from utah, he's the committee of the chair with the oversight over the
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at the washington post suggested that if taxpayers in the district wanted to vote, there's a way to do it, take some of dc's neighborhoods and make them part of maryland. chew on that for a moment. eleanor holmes-norton asked if he had asked anyone from maryland how they felt about it. it comes as congress will take up measures that could overhaul dc's gun laws reverse the suicide assistance law. time is almost up if you're signing up for obamacare. that doesn't make sense. we are 45 minutes away from the midnight deadline for people to apply for coverage, and all of this talk about obamacare going away, you want to sign up for it if it applies to you. if you don't make it by midnight, special situations will let you apply after the deadline. they are on there's no official
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would happen to the obama care customers if it's appealed, but top advisers and the president said no one will lose coverage if the repeal happens, and so, speaking of that repeal, republicans are working on their replacement plan, and house speaker paul ryan says committees are ready for first hearings on the series of bills that could ultimately repeal and replace the affordable care act. now to charlotte to highlight the amazing work of one teacher. he has quite a way to fire up his students before they step foot in his class, and here's mike hanson from wcnc. it's not your grandfather's greeting. everudy stent inside of barry white jr.'s class has his or her special handshake. this happens every day, and you can see for yourself the kids love it. the idea is simple, let every ch
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>> for me, i think the most critical component is the relationship that you build with your students it can go overlooked. before i can deliver a substantial amount of content to them, they have to buy into me. >> reporter: fifth grader at ashley park elementary cool said mr. white is special himself. >> i like when he does his lesson, because he does it the fun way. >> i have seen the excitement and the joy they are bringing to people. why not? i'm all about bringing joy to people's lives and inspiring others to do so. >> reporter: a joyful start to each day. worthy of applause. >> and that was mike hanson reporting, and we are sending a big high five to you, mr. barry white jr. he teaches fifth grade literacy at ashley park elementary school. looks like fun. here's a way to thin the herd
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interesting call on sunday. it was a woman ring them up to complain about the price of pot in her neighborhood. it's illegal there. why would you call the cops? moron! she went on to say her local drug dealer jacked up the price -- prices, and she wanted the cops to look into that. they asked for more details, and she said she had probably said enough and hung up. police ended up with the offer, if you know a drug dealer ripping you off, give us a call, we would love to help. that's brilliant. >> impacts brain cells. >> it clearly has. >> in her case anyway. we had a little treat tonight, and there were high clouds, but you were able to see some of the grouping of the moon and venus and mars, and i got a picture from david in stafford county, and he has high-powered lenses to get this, but you can
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the naked high this is the crescent moon, and it's waxing, and you cannot see mar in the particular picture, but it's a treat, really. and our 3-degree guarantee, not a treat. i'm concerned about this. and i went 51 and it was not quite 51. it was 56. we were 5 off, but last day of january, and warrior k-9 connection gets another check. that's good. a live look outside, and it's still not that cold. our average high is 43. dew points are way up. winds out of the south at 7. between the clouds, the southerly winds and due points above freezing, we will not make it below freezing in town, maybe not even inside of the beltway. the bus stop temperatures, 31 to 44. gaithersburg, leesburg, you will make it down to 31 or 32. chilly start, and they will be mild tomorrow. temperatures around 50. nice start to february, and i would rather have a raging blizzard to start february, but i will take the minority on thate.
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and nothing crazy, and then the rain or snow shower possible on friday, and it does not look organized or threatening at this particular time. i think to and from the travels on parties, you will be fine, no problem, and 6:00 a.m., tomorrow, 39 downtown, and 35 in frederick, and 36 in hagerstown, and a fair amount of clouds, and it's essentially east and south of town. 9:00, more sunshine to the north. temperature in the 40s, and it's 41 in fredericksburg and also in fairfax. mid- to upper 40s by lunchtime. a couple of sprinkles possible. it's not worth an umbrella. a couple of stray showers for us. most of the showers south of fredericksburg. temperatures near 50, and 6:00, we will hold in the upper 40s downtown, dropping into the lower 40s north and west. snow showers will continue much of tomorrow and tomorrow night. about this time tomorrow night, even milder, 42 downtown, and 39 in gaithersburg, and i don't
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below freezing tomorrow night, and even into the wee hours of the morning, temperatures upper 30s. overnight, partly cloudy, breezy and not that cold. low temperatures in the 30s, and the winds will be in check tomorrow. we may have a little windchill at the bus stop, but not bad. 39 on the day planner to start. 40 at 7:00, and temperatures will inch their way up. 45 at 11:00, and 47 at 1:00. we have a fair amount of clouds, and it will not be a partly cloudy day. it will be mostly cloudy. 44 is average this time of the year. the next 7 days, saturday, chilly, low 40s, and upper 40s on sunday, and rain or snow shower. don't see a problem. showers on monday and monday night, and maybe a sprinkle tuesday, and look at tuesday, 60 degrees, and that's on tuesday, and you know, i'm looking at way down into february, and february is a short month, and it goes by fast, and
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opportunities. >> wasting, thriving enjoying, however you prefer to put it. thank you, topper. >> sure. >> john wall is ridiculous. get the cleaning products ready because the highlight wheel i will show you is filthy. this is a half court shot to pump up the team
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let's not waste any time getting to the good stuff right here. the john wall highlight show was thick tonight. is there a doctor in the house? come on! all here in the 1st quarter with the moves that play station has not even thought of yet. driving, dunking, and dominating from behind the arc. all the starters in beast mode. 117-101 over the knicks, and the wizards get their 15th straight win at home, and this team is for real. the maryland terrapins are climbing the ladder
11:26 pm
this week in the national rankings in columbus, trying to stay perfect on the road. luggage, will travel, and melo, not going down smooth. could not find the basket with eight arms a step stool and a flashlight. 2 point in the 1st half, 2! literally here, took his teammate falling on his head to wake him up. 2 minutes to go in the game, crucial 3. he will seal the deal here with a few broken ankles on this drive, and this is closer than the score would indicate. maryland is back home to face perdue on saturday at xfinity center. a minute to go in this game, and the cap the down by 1, and the islanders fill it with a puck. 46 seconds left, ovechkin out for blood, fires, and scores, and too little, too late. the caps fall 3-2, and
11:27 pm
dupal, winning 76-73. g.w., falling to rhode island, ouch! 82-70, and they had the 3-game winning streak going, and it's over, and that is sports. >> all right. >> these little kids here had quite the story to tell when they got home from school your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition and get an average total value of eight thousand
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. thank you mr. vice president! >> these 4-year-olds got quite the surprise yesterday when former vice president joe biden stopped by to say hi. according to the owner the v.p. or former v.p. just happened to be doing business in the same building. >> when he spotted the kids, he decided to take a picture with them. the school called it a great opportunity to learn about the vice president and
11:31 pm
while he was in office. great time, and now i'm curious about the business he was doing there, and we would all like to know more. >> he probably hopped back on the train. >> that's how he rolls. nice start for february. >> groundhog day right now, i predict he will see his shadow declaring 6 more weeks of winter. we have not had any weeks of winter quite frankly. >> we will take winter and 60 degrees. >> sure you will. >> you will be out there cheering for the ground hog. that's it for life is ridiculously awesome!!! and with the billion point giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your e sharof a billion shop your way points during the big game,
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